Melbourne Women In Film Festival

Print-traffic submission page

How to submit your film

Step 1

Deadline: December 20th 2021

Submit film information

Please submit your films technical details so we can plan ahead for the reciept or processing of your film.

This is also where you can request the creation of a DCP by Post Lab IO.

Start form submission

Step 2

Deadline: January 16th 2022

Supply your DCP to Post Lab IO

Please upload your unzipped DCP to our MediaShuttle portal. You will be prompted to install the Signiant App which will accelerate the transfer. Once installed, refresh this page and click the upload button again.

Upload to MediaShuttle portal

Additional information

Cinema equipment varies from cinema to cinema, so even if your DCP has played successfully elsewhere, it is not guaranteed to work at all venues unless it meets DCI specifications and naming conventions. For this reason, e cannot accept self-made DCPs and any DCP created with Adobe Media Encoder will be immediately rejected.

We do not accept physical shipments, all DCPs must be supplied digitally.

If you have any technical questions relating to this festival and DCPs, you can contact Post Lab IO via Please make sure to include the festival acronym and your films name in the subject line. We cannot discuss matters relating to the festival over the phone.

Any questions relating to the programming, ticketing or other festival related enquiries should be directed to the festival team by replying to an existing email chain sent by the festival.