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Finishing, mastering, transcoding, pipeline development and post production management services. Based in Melbourne, we exploit technology to create fast, high-end and flexible workflow and support solutions for small to medium sized feature, television and commercial productions.

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Post production services

Based in Melbourne, we deliver sophisticated workflows and high end finish to Australian film and television productions. We specialise in finishing, DCP mastering, dailies transcoding, pipeline development and production management. Our post production services include:

Need Visual Effects or Sound Mix services? We have strong relationships with Australian VFX and Audio Post vendors who can work with us to provide the finishing touches to your production.

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technical services

All our digital services can be tailored to suite your specific needs. If you dont see the service you are after below then get in-touch with us and we can offer a custom solution or recommend the right person for you to contact.


Creation, distribution and storage of encrypted or unencrypted Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) & Key Delivery Messages (KDMs).


Prepare, master and deliver files for domestic or international broadcast.


Convert frame-rates, broadcast standards (NTSC & PAL) and resolutions (SD, HD, 2k, 4k) from anything, to anything.

Dailies Sync
& Transcode

Sync rushes, perform metadata logging & create proxies or full-res working files of rushes ready for editing or review.

DI Finishing
& Mastering

Put the finishing touches on your film or program, Including re-striping with final audio and adding titles & credits.

Credit Roll

We can design and supply your end credits crawl / scroller, and if required we can manage & track revisions & updates.

BluRay & DVD

Create supurb Surround Sound BluRays and DVDs for festival submission or exhibitions.

High Speed
File Transfers

Upload & send files using our 100/40mbit FTTP connection via Digital Pigeon or to your own provider / FTP server.

post-production management

All-under-one-roof facilities are a thing of the past. Our management services allow productions to decentralise their post, enabling them to engage with highly professional, specialist post facilities and creatives, whilst maintaining a high-end, tightly integrated and rock-solid pipeline.



Consulting with your heads of department we create a custom workflow to suit your production which includes the creation of data management plans, drive purchase and creating camera LUTs to assist with colour management.

(We can also arrange for a courier to pickup and deliver your files)



We sync, transcode and backup dailies - including applying LUTs andcolour adjustments.

Dailies previews are uploaded for production to review and edit-ready HD proxies are supplied to your editorial team to begin logging & assembly.

We also manage transport logistics for remote shoots.



We provide support to your editorial team throughout main picture post. Once picture is locked, we takeover and prepare and distribute files for final audio, grade & VFX post.



Once audio, grade and VFX are completed, we peform the final DI and manage the generation of your Digital Source Masters, DCPs and WebReady files.


ongoing support

The life span of a production goes longer than just the day the final masters are made. We provide dedicated, on-demand after action support to productions for their full life span. That means we're always on call to provide additional deliverables and uploads whenever you need them for festivals, distributors, exhebitors or anyone else who needs a new copy in a new format.

data backup & security

We take security and data backup very seriously. We store and transmit all your data securely throughout its entire life with us.

Our internal infrastructure is segregated from our client network and we have strong protocols in-place when working with external suppliers to ensure your material never sees the light of day outside of official releases.

All data is backed up to on-site to nearline storage as well as being offsite at a secure cold storage facility. Critical working files such as project files are backed up hourly to encrypted cloud storage.