Bespoke Workflows Crafted with Excellence

We specialise in creating bespoke post-production workflows, each uniquely designed to bring your cinematic vision to life. Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all; it's a meticulous craft, honed through in-depth research and tailored to each project's unique needs. We bring a thoughtful, expert approach to every production, resulting in a finish that's as unique as the story itself.

Some of our work includes...

Gabriel Carrubba
Pancake Originals
Late Night With The Devil
Cameron & Colin Cairnes
Future Pictures
Voices In Deep
Jason Raftopoulos
Exile Entertainment
Lachlan Mcleod
Walking Fish, Good Thing Productions
Because We Have Each Other
Sari Braithwaite Sari Braithwaite
Arena Media
Moja Vesna
Sara Kern
Sweetshop & Green
My First Summer
Katie Found
Noise & Light
Television Event
Jeff Daniels
Common Room Productions
West Of Sunshine
Jason Raftopoulos
Exile Entertainment
Strange Colours
Alena Lodkina
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World-class post-production services


We're specialists in the art of the conform, from straightforward narratives to archive heavy documentaries. Of course, no conform is the same, and we approach each one with diligence and care to ensure your creative intent is maintained.


Our beautiful Davinci Resolve suite is the perfect spot to relax and finesse. Featuring calibrated and Hollywood standard FSI OLED reference monitor and LG OLED client monitor plus 5.1 Surround Sound for the perfect viewing experience.

Theatrical colour trim-pass

Our co-location with Music & Effects means all our theatrical productions feature a colour trim-pass in Victoria's second-largest mixing theatre. Equipped with 7.1 surround sound and an industry-standard colour calibrated Barco 2K post-production projector.

Online & Mastering

During this phase, we bring all the pieces together. Combining the finished sound mix, colour grade, VFX, titles, credits and captioning assets in preparation for QC ahead of creating the final deliverables.


Once the online is complete and the masters have been made, comes the long list of deliverables. We are experts at creating deliverables for domestic and international distributors, sales agents and SVODs. Including DCDMs, DCPs, DKDMs, DSM, IMFs and textless and international clean feeds.

After action

We work with productions for many years after initial delivery to support them as they sell their content to the world, creating further deliverables on demand for distributors, broadcasters, streaming platforms and festivals.

Integrating with Australia's finest

We work with some of Australia's leading VFX artists and sound post facilities and provide package quotations for all productions on request.

Technical services

All our digital services can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you don’t see the service you are after, get in touch with us, and we can offer a custom solution or recommend the right people for you to contact.


Creation, distribution and storage of encrypted and unencrypted Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) & Key Delivery Messages (KDMs).

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Prepare, master and deliver files for domestic or international broadcast.


Convert frame-rates, broadcast standards (NTSC & PAL) and resolutions (SD, HD, 2k, 4k) from anything, to anything.

Dailies Sync
& Transcode

Sync rushes, perform metadata logging & create proxies or full-res working files of rushes ready for editing or review.

DI Finishing
& Mastering

Put the finishing touches on your film or program, Including re-striping with final audio and adding titles & credits.

Credit Roll

We can design and supply your end credits crawl / scroller, and if required we can manage & track revisions & updates.

DCDM and IMF Creation

Create advanced distribution and delivery packages for cinema and delivery to OTTs/SVODs.

High Speed
File Transfers

Need to send files fast? Bring us a HDD and we can upload your files to wherever they need to go using our 500/500mbps connection

Post-production management

We work with productions as early as development to design a high-end, tightly integrated and rock-solid on-set and off-set post-production pipeline for both narratives and documentaries.



Consulting with your heads of department we create a custom workflow to suit your production which includes the creation of data management plans, drive purchase and creating camera monitoring LUTs to assist with colour management.



We sync, transcode and backup rushes - including applying LUTs and colour adjustments.

Daily previews are uploaded for production to review and edit-ready proxies are supplied to your editorial team to begin logging & assembly.

We also manage transport logistics for remote shoots.



Many productions choose to run editorial from their own production office or the editors home suite. Regardless of location, our team supports your editor and assistants throughout the process.


Picture Finishing

Once you reach picture lock, we assist with generating turnovers for your vendors and proceed into the conform, grade, mastering and delivery.


Acter action support

The life span of a production goes longer than just the day the final masters are made. We provide dedicated, on-demand after action support to productions for their full life span. That means we're always on call to provide additional deliverables and uploads whenever you need them for festivals, distributors, exhibitors or anyone else who needs a new copy in a new format.