About Post Lab IO

We're a process driven post production company and we deliver high quality products quickly, reliably and with exceptional service. We do this by using new, innovative processes and combining them with cutting edge technology.

What we're not is boutique, we're certainly not bespoke and we're most definitely an old school all-under-one-roof facility. We know exactly what we're good at which is processes, formats, codecs and integrating with highly specialised post professionals.

We work with small to medium sized productions to help bring them high-end workflows and delivery without breaking the bank.

why we do what we do

We're creative and uber technical which means we're really good at identifying weaknesses in process and coming up with solutions. And most importantly, we're not afraid to try something different.

Thats because at the core of Post Lab IO is one simple driving question; Why? By constantly questioning our own techniques and technologies, we are able to make sure we are always using the best tool or process for the task at hand.

.IO stands for input / output ("eye-oh")

We take your files (in) and we give you new files back (out). We make complex conversions simple, we do them well and we do them quickly, efficiently and with superior service.

work with us

We're always looking to hear from talented post pros from all areas of post prod. If post excites you, you're open to new ideas and you're keen to work with like minded people then please get intouch! 

drop us a line