About Post Lab IO

We collaborate with ambitious filmmakers and producers to help them maximize the potential of their productions.

Our focus is not just on delivering your production, but on investing in your success both domestically and internationally. We possess strong creativity, technical skills, and are adept at identifying process weaknesses and providing solutions.

Most importantly, we are not afraid to experiment with new workflows, tools, and technologies to achieve better results and offer superior service.

.IO stands for input / output ("eye-oh")

We take your files (in) and we give you new files back (out). We make complex conversions simple, we do them well and we do them quickly, efficiently and with superior service.

Management Team

Nicholas Hower CSI

Senior colourist & Technical Director

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Work with us

We're always looking to hear from upcoming and established talent from all areas of post prod. If post excites you, you're open to new ideas and you're keen to work with like minded people then please drop us a line via the button below.

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