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Stunning 2K & 4K Digital Cinema Packages

We take great care to ensure your film looks and sounds amazing on the big screen. Our DCPs are fully DCI compliant and have screened at cinemas and festivals al all around the world.

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Pricing (ex GST)

2K / 4K

Films under 40 min



2K / 4K


$160 Setup-fee +


2K / 4K

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Flat-rate per spot


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Response time: 24 hours.

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2K Indie Short / Feature (Unencrypted)
$150 + $5 / minute
4K Indie Short / Feature (Unencrypted)
$250 + $9 / minute
2K Feature (Encrypted)
$18 / minute
4K Feature (Encrypted)
$20 / minute
2K / 4K Advertisement
$300 per commercial

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