DCP Mastering & Conversion

Professional DCP creation and logistics services for your advert, feature film or short film.

We create beautiful Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) that are used used to distribute content to commercial cinemas or festivals. We offer reduced pricing for students, independent productions, NFP organisations and charities. Bulk discounts are available upon request to both indie and commercial customers.



Indie Short / Feature

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Indie Short / Features

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Commercial Content

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Commercial Content

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2K / 4K

Commercial Advertisement



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All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

Submission Guidelines

We can accept almost any format, however, where possible we ask that you follow the following specifications when exporting a file to be converted into a DCP. You can download a copy of this information as a PDF to send to whomever is performing your final mastering. If your film has already been mastered and isnt in the below specs, dont worry! We can convert the file for you.

If you have any questions or are unsure about something, please get in-touch and we'll happily answer and all questions.

Download submission guidelines (PDF)

Delivery Mediums

CRU Drive

The industry standard method for delivering large DCPs is on drives housed in a CRU DX115 carrier aka a CRU drive. These carriers are designed to slide into any and all cinema playback servers around the world. CRU drives can be either rented or purchased outright and can be supplied with or without protective hard-case with custom foam-inserts.

SSD CRU Kit (rental)

USB Thumb-drive or HDD

USB thumbdrives and portable hard-drives are the cheapers and easiest way to physically deliver your DCP to cinemas. They are ideal for short content (advertisements, short films, presentations & trailers) and are physically robust and are cheap to mail - perfect for international festivals! Pricing varies depending on the capacity required.

USB Thumbdrive (16GB)
USB Thumbdrive (32GB)
USB Thumbdrive (64GB)
USB Portable HDD Drive (1TB)

Digital Pigeon

We offer free digital delivery for all DCPs under 30 minutes in length. This is a good option if you have another organisation delivering the DCP to the cinema for you or you are comfortable with loading the DCP onto your own drive. However please be aware that all drives must be formatted correctly to be comptable with cinema playback servers.

Under 16GB
Over 50GB

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