DCP Mastering & Conversion

We take great care to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) that showcase your vision at it's best. DCPs are the last step but they're a crucial one. Our personalised service ensures that your content looks and sounds fantastic on the big screen - exactly as you intended.

We work with films big and small, and deliver to cinemas world wide. All pricing includes audio level checks and frame-rate conversions where required.

Require complex services such as DCDMs, encryption, versioning or repackaging? Contact us for a quote.

If you've attended a film festival in the past 24 months, then you've already seen our work.

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2K / 4K

Films under 40 min



2K / 4K


$150 Setup-fee +


2K / 4K

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Flat-rate per spot


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Submission Guidelines

We can accept almost any format, however, where possible we ask that you provide a ProResHQ or equivalent 10-bit file at native resolution , frame-rate and aspect-ratio (no letterboxing). We will take care of any adjustments on our end.

Sound files can be supplied either in the same files as the pictures, or as seperate WAVs.

Read the full technical specifications here.

Delivery Mediums

CRU Drive

The industry standard method for delivering large DCPs is on drives housed in a CRU DX115 carrier aka a CRU drive.

SSD CRU Kit (rental)

USB Thumb-drive or HDD

USB thumb-drives and portable hard-drives are the cheapest and easiest way to physically deliver your DCP to cinemas.

USB Thumbdrive (32GB)
USB Thumbdrive (64GB)
USB HDD Drive (1TB)

Digital Delivery

We offer free digital delivery for all DCPs. This is a good option if your cinema or festival is willing to accept a download link. Short films are typically under 20GB, and features are usually around 60-100GBs.

Mediashuttle (Under 20GB)
Mediashuttle (Over 20GB)
Aspera/Custom FTP

Frequently Asked Questions