Darius Family

Founder & managing director

Darius Family is the founder and Managing director Melbourne based post-production company Post Lab IO. 

Over the last six years, Darius has grown Post Lab IO from a single person operation to a team of 4 full-time, partnering with Melbourne colourist Nicholas Hower and establishing the company as a serious contender in the Australian picture post-production sector.

Darius has a large breadth of on and off-set experience, he has worked in nearly every role and prior to founding Post Lab IO, Darius was a freelance editor, motion graphics designer, visual effects artist, colourist and online-editor. It is this breadth of knowledge that is a key contributing factor in the way he approaches post-production.

For Darius, post-production is the undercurrent of production and in this regards he takes a uniquely holistic approach working with production companies.

He is passionate about the future of the Australian production industry and takes great pleasure in supporting up and coming producers. For many years Darius has co-produced Melbourne based The ReelGood Film Festival. You will also find him giving talks and providing various musings on post-production workflow at festivals and webinars.

Darius is also legally blind, a recent development due to macular degeneration caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa. The condition renders him with near-zero night vision and poor light sensitivity and face recognition, so don't be offended when he blanks you. Simply tap him on the shoulder and say your name and watch the wave of recognition take place. 

Vision loss means Darius has a fantastic excuse to not get on the tools and focus on business development, although you will find him on occasion performing post-production wizardry when circumstances require.

You can find Darius on industry event dancefloors wearing his “fix it in pre(production)” badges, more than likely donning some tropical attire and sometimes even behind the decks spinning tunes (yes, he takes bookings @hotline_dj).

Family is his Family name.